Powerplus Air Conditioning is Christchurch’s own Air Conditioning & Heat Pump specialist.

At Powerplus Air Conditioning we strive to provide you with the best heating solution, at a great price.

We know that every home is different and therefore there are many factors that determine which heat pump system is best for you.

We provide a friendly and professional free in-home consultation service to help determine which heat pump is right for you and your home.

We are service agents for all major heat pump brands and can source spare parts direct from the manufacturer at wholesale costs to help ensure the best price for any repair work.

Heat Pump Cleaning Services
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The different heating and air conditioning options available

High Wall Heat Pumps

High Wall Heat pumps are an energy efficiency option lowering your heating and cooling costs. They improve the air quality and are a safe option with no hot surfaces making heat pumps the number one choice for heating in Canterbury.

These heat pumps are easily installed and can be located in almost any location. Installing your High Wall in the right position can affect your comfort; our consultant will help you select the right product and location.

Floor Consoles

Units that sit on the floor or just above the skirting board. They can be easily retrofitted an sit against the wall or sometimes be installed partially into a cavity wall to minimise the space they take up.

Multi Systems

Multi systems comprise of a single outdoor unit coupled to multiple indoor air handlers, connected by piping and wiring. The indoor air handlers can be high wall or floor mounted style, ducted or bulkhead.

These systems are ideal for office or homes which require either heating or cooling in each individual area.

Ducted Systems

This is when one outdoor unit is connected to one indoor unit (which is concealed), and heating or cooling is distributed through a ducted system to multiple rooms. This is ideal for a whole house or large building.

Within these categories there are a number of other options that allow you to choose between differing aesthetics, performance and advanced air filtration.

Our Heat Pump and Air Conditioning services include:

  • Installation – From the classic Hi-wall unit to the multi system and Ducted units we can install the right system for you. We are an authorised installer for all major brands.
  • Removal and Re-install – Renovations on the cards? Powerplus Air Conditioning are here to help with any removal or re-installation work.
  • Replacement – If you want to replace your unit with a newer or more updated model, we are ready to do that on request. If you wish to get a model more fitted to the needs of your home, contact us and we can find the best solution for your needs.
  • Repair – Our industry leading technical skills mean that we’ll be there for you if anything goes wrong, or if you simply need a service to get the most out of your heat pump.
  • Cleaning – Regular servicing will not only make your heat pump more efficient and save you monthly in energy bills, but it will add years to the life of your unit.